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Be Safe This Labor Day: Sober Driving

Do you have a plan in place for Labor Day weekend? We aren't talking about your social ones––were talking about a sober driving plan. As with every weekend holiday, the temptation to enjoy a few drinks with friends and head home on your own can be strong. You may want to hit up a few social gatherings, driving to and from each one. This can put you at serious risk for DUI, even if you have only had one or two drinks.

Law enforcement cracks down on DUI offense even more so during holiday celebrations. This means that they will be on the lookout for individuals who may have enjoyed one too many drinks at a beach party or BBQ. The number of DUI accidents typically increase during Labor Day weekend, making it even more important for police officers to catch individuals before the cause any damage.

Making Driving Plans for Your Social Plans

If you plan to enjoy a few drinks at a party, it is important for you to have a designated driver in place. You may tell yourself you will only have one drink or probably will pass on the alcohol, but if you are with friends and family, the likelihood of you relaxing this standard is high. Without having a plan in place for getting home safely, you could feel pressured to drive yourself home rather than cause any one trouble.

No matter what you expect for your holiday festivities this Labor Day, we encourage you to make a sober driving plan. Having a backup plan for your designated driver is also important. Often times, the designated driver decides that they actually want to enjoy a drink or two at a party, putting you in a tough position. When you have a backup plan, you can have peace of mind knowing you always have a few options for a ride home.

For more tips on avoiding DUI charges and making sober driving plans, read through our blog. You can also contact our firm at any time if you are facing charges for drunk driving.