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What are Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Driving on the roadways means that your vehicle may come in contact with other types of vehicles, including large trucks used for transporting a large amount of goods. Due to their size and the cargo they carry, being involved in an accident with these vehicles can be extremely dangerous. While truck accidents occur less than other types of motor vehicle accidents, these can result in serious personal injury or death.

Accidents Involving Large Trucks Can Happen to Anyone

When large trucks are involved, even a minor movement, jerk of the wheel, or driving error can have catastrophic consequences. Passenger vehicles often do not understand how large trucks operate and will travel in the driver's blind spots or not give the truck adequate time to shift lanes on the highway. While other drivers' mistakes definitely account for a number of accident with large vehicles, there are many ways that the drivers of a large vehicle is responsible.

By the sheer size and weight or large trucks, they are significantly more dangerous on the roadways. When combined with some of the common causes of truck accidents, an accident can be fatal.

Truck accidents are oftentimes a result of:

  • Companies that require their drivers get to far away distances in short periods of time for payment, leaving the driver tired
  • Improper vehicle maintenance by the company that owns the truck
  • Manufacturing mistakes beyond a driver's control
  • Design errors that occur when the truck is already in motion
  • Slight driver error that has a significant effect
  • Weather conditions that make the truck difficult to drive

Being involved in a truck accident can be devastating, but there are resources available to resolve personal injury and property damage that may occur. The driver, the owner of the truck, the company that leased the truck, the vehicle manufacturer, and the loader of the cargo of the vehicle may all be responsible.

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