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Workers' Compensation & Returning to the Workplace

What do I get under workers' compensation?

Anyone that receives an injury as a result of their employment may be eligible for workers' compensation. Workers' compensation is a state-mandated program that provides an employee with the resources needed for their injury while freeing anyone from fault in the accident.

You are eligible for the following benefits with workers' compensation:

  • Medical treatment to recover, including medical bills, prescriptions, and surgeries
  • Equipment for dealing with the injury
  • Temporary disability for time taken away from work to recover
  • Permanent disability for limitations placed upon any regular activities
  • Physical therapy to help cope and recover
  • Vocational rehabilitation to gain experience in another field if unable to return to the job
  • Death benefits, including funeral and burial expenses if the injury was fatal

In some instances, counseling, alternative therapies, travel times, and more may be covered. Knowing what type of workers' compensation insurance your employer offers can help you determine what may be available for you.

Do I receive compensation when I return to work?

When an employee begins collecting workers' compensation and returns to work, their benefits will likely stop. If their wages are lower due to their injury, they can receive benefits based on this loss of wage. These wage benefits can cover those that are experiencing a temporary partial disability and can perform some type of employment or those that are unable to be employed at all due to their injury.

Just because an employee has been injured and is entitled to workers' compensation does not mean their employer will be willing to provide the necessary treatments. Don't let an employer prevent you from getting medical attention! A lawyer from our firm can help walk you through the process and discuss options you have for obtaining deserved benefits.