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How do you report a workers' compensation claim?

Any injury sustained while working should be reported to your employer or supervisor immediately. Florida law allows 30 days for the injury to be reported, which can include 30 days from your doctor informing you that your injury was related to your job. Failing to file in time can result in your workers’ compensation benefits being denied.

You may also be required to report your injury to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider, who will in any case give you the necessary forms for filing your workers’ compensation claim. Such forms include DFS-F2-DWC-1 and possibly others if you are currently unable to work due to your injuries or illness.

The Employee Assistance Office of the Florida Department of Workers’ Compensation can provide you with the forms if your employer does not.

Whether your claim was denied or was awarded with less compensation than it deserves, you can file a petition with the Florida Division of Administration Hearings. A mediation conference will be held within 40 days with the Judge of Compensation Claims and during a pretrial hearing, you and your employer or its insurance company will be encouraged to reach a settlement. Otherwise a final hearing is held where evidence is presented to establish the extent of your injuries.

If you were hurt on the job, our Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyers can come alongside you to help recover what you deserve!