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What Determines Liability in a Car Accident?

In essence, all people must take "reasonable care" to avoid injuring others while on the road. This however can be a fluid and complicated idea sometimes. Regardless of how you were injured, you deserve fair compensation for any damage that was caused.

Obtaining such compensation means demonstrating certain things, including:

  • That another person acted negligently
  • Their negligence led to a serious accident
  • This accident cause you serious injuries and suffering
  • That suffering deserves to be compensated

Fault in the Aftermath of an Accident

After an accident, ask the traffic division of your local law enforcement agency how to obtain a copy of a police report if officers came to the scene of your accident. This can be critical to your case as the officer may state their opinion of who was at fault and whether they issued a citation.

Some types of collisions generate an automatic at fault which insurance companies typically don't try to argue. If you are hit from the car behind you, for example, it is almost always the other driver's fault. Similarly, cars making a left turn are usually liable for a collision with a car coming towards them.

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