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Injury Types Able to be Recompensed Under Workers' Compensation

Types of injuries covered by workers’ compensation are those connected in some way to an employment requirement or condition.

Put simply, a work-related injury is one, which took place while engaged in some activity on behalf of your employer or in the course of employment. These injuries can occur on the jobsite but also in company-owned trucks and elsewhere so long as the employee was taking part in something related to their job. Even company parties and other events sponsored by the employer can be covered by workers’ compensation.

Sometimes, even injuries resulting from “horseplay” or other activities done in disregard of safety rules can be covered by workers’ compensation. Injuries which take place during a lunch break can be deemed work-related if it happens at the company cafeteria or otherwise connected to the course of employment.

While employers are usually mandated to carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance, only those classified as “employees” are covered by this insurance.

Some types of workers may not qualify for workers’ compensation insurance:

  • Agricultural workers
  • Seasonal works
  • Domestic workers such as housekeepers, nannies, babysitters

Speaking with a Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation attorney for your FREE consultation is usually the best first step to take after being injured. A lawyer can generally inform you of whether you are covered by workers’ compensation and if your injury is sufficiently work-related.

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