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Toxic Chemicals in the Workplace

This past July, Motorola employees sued over exposure to toxic substances in their manufacturing facilities. A second suit was filed by an employee who worked in the plastics industry and was later diagnosed with leukemia.

Plaintiffs in the current Motorola suit total 13 people who are claiming the company regularly ignored scientific research and government warnings regarding the potential hazards of various chemicals in its manufacturing facilities. The claimants attest that this negligence on the part of Motorola has resulted in exposure to arsenic, radiation, ethylene glycol ethers, and fluorine compounds.

These constitute the fifth lawsuit over toxic chemical exposure against Motorola since 2011. These suits allege the employees suffered harm as a result which included birth defects such as hearing loss, asthma, Down syndrome, and ADHD among other conditions. The claimants had worked at Motorola at various periods between 1965 and 2001.

Part of their claim alleges that while Motorola offered them protective equipment to protect against semiconductor particulates, they were not offered protection from chemical exposure which included training in installing proper ventilation systems.

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The other suit is on behalf of a man who worked almost 30 years for Penn Tube Plastics and Plastomer Products who developed acute myeloid leukemia, cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

Such lawsuits concerning toxic exposure rely on if the chemical manufacturers gave adequate warning about the chemicals’ dangers and if the employer followed relevant Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

Death or serious injury can result from prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals such as benzene, asbestos, lead, and radiation.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm caused by exposure to harmful chemicals and the employer failed to provide proper warning or preventative measures, you may have a valid claim against them. Speak with our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys to learn about your rights as an employee.