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How Do You Calculate Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident?

If you have recently been hurt and are filing a claim for personal injury, you may be wondering about all of the compensation to which you may be entitled to receive. You have the right to collect compensation for pain and suffering, which encompasses not only the physical harm that has been done but emotional and mental as well.

Pain and suffering can be hard to quantify. The pain after a car accident does not translate clearly to dollar signs, and so coming up with the exact monetary worth is what makes this one of the most challenging aspects of personal injury claims. You know that you have suffered a neck injury, or a fracture, however, injuries can vary in their severity and degree, and every person experiences pain differently.

How to Find the Value of Pain and Suffering Damages

Remember that there are a few main components of pain and suffering, but mainly it will comprise the physical pain you have suffered and also the emotional. When you present your claim to the insurance company for review, you will need to provide several supplemental materials to demonstrate what is causing pain and suffering for you.

These might include the following:

  • Medical history
  • Types of treatment received
  • Receipts of the medication purchased
  • Notes from your employer that you were unable to work
  • Any other evidence of pain that may be related to the incident

While you are receiving treatment, it is important you remain honest and upfront at all times, especially with the doctors. Discuss with them the severity of the pain and whatever discomfort you might be feeling. They can prepare the right treatment plan for you, and all of the documentation will be used appropriately when you bring your injury claim to the insurance adjusters.

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Our Ft. Lauderdale car accident lawyers can help you to gather the necessary evidence to supplement your claim. If you find that insurance adjusters are trying to deny or dispute some aspect of your claim, we can fight on your behalf. We have managed to obtain millions in compensation and have a significant track record of success. We know what it takes to build the strongest possible case for our clients.

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