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How to Settle a Florida Workers' Comp Case

If you are in the midst of negotiating a workers’ compensation claim, then you already know—the legal system is exhausting. You have been through the system already and recognize that it is finally time to settle the case. As Ft. Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyers, we make sure to discuss every phase of the case to prepare the client and ensure that they are ready to settle. As the claimant, the ball is in your court, which affords you many options for getting the case settled.

Understanding Insurance Company Tactics

As with any workers’ compensation claim, you will be dealing corresponding with the insurance company. They will use a variety of tactics to settle cases quickly and avoid liability, including offering lowball settlements. Unfortunately, as every case is different, there is no telling as to how much an insurance company will provide, as every accident and the circumstances surrounding it will be different for each person.

Insurance companies may try to sell you on a lowball offer and get cases settled quickly. One—they want to avoid litigation as much as possible. The other common reason is so that they do not have to pay any more than what they feel is necessary. Once the claimant accepts the settlement, the case closes and the claimant will no longer be able to collect any further compensation.

We Settle Cases to Your Satisfaction

Most insurance companies engage with the claimant (or the claimant’s workers’ compensation attorney) in a process called mediation. Mediation allows both sides to come to a compromise, with the assistance of a neutral third party.

You have the chance to state your side of the story. The mediator is not necessarily your advocate, as that what a Ft. Lauderdale workers’ comp lawyer is for; however, they can help each side come to an understanding. It also facilitates better communication with the insurance company, rather than sending letters and notes back and forth.

Get Legal Assistance Today!

At Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A., we do everything in our power to settle cases to our clients’ satisfaction. We are compassionate and attentive to your needs, and we have managed to recover millions of dollars in compensation. We know that all of the legal processes involved in workers’ compensation claims can be incredibly confusing. Having a lawyer assisting you through can help ensure that your needs are met.

For assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, be sure to give us a call to request your free case evaluation.