Dangerous Driving Habits That Can Increase Risks of Car Accidents

Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. Because of this, anyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle has a legal duty to drive safely, and to take reasonable measures that do not create unacceptable risks of causing harm to others on the road. Unfortunately, many people fail to uphold their legal duty of driving safely, and as a result, cause numerous preventable accidents, injuries, and deaths. Fortunately for victims who have been harmed by negligent drivers, personal injury claims can provide the opportunity to pursue justice and financial compensation for their damages.

Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. is passionate about protecting the rights of victims after they have been harmed by the negligence and wrongdoing of other drivers. In these cases, our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers leverage over 240 years of combined experience to successfully guide victims and their families through the legal process and toward the compensation they rightfully deserved. Over the years, we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for accident victims.

Having helped numerous men, women, and families across South Florida following preventable auto wrecks, we know first-hand the devastation and life-altering consequences of dangerous driving habits. As such, we want to remind everyone to make safety a priority whenever they are driving, and to be aware of the common dangerous behaviors that increase risks of car accidents. These include:

  • Using a Cell Phone – Smart phones have become an inextricable part of daily life for millions of Americans, keeping us plugged in and constantly engaged in other worlds. Unfortunately, the lure of using a cell phone often affects people while they are behind the wheel, something that substantially increases crash risks. This is because using a cell phone to text message, access apps, send e-mails, or browse social medial commands nearly all forms of a driver’s attention, including their visual, manual, and cognitive focus. When even a moment’s distraction could cause a driver to make critical errors or miss potential hazards they could otherwise avoid, using a cell phone is one of the most dangerous driving behaviors there is. While Florida does not prohibit handheld cell phone use by drivers as other states do, it does ban texting for motorists of all ages. Regardless, you should never text or use a cell phone when driving – it can wait.
  • Distraction – While texting and cell phone use have garnered the most attention when it comes to distracted driving, all forms of distraction increase risks of car accidents. This is because they take a motorist’s focus away from the primary task of driving. If your eyes are off the road for just 5 seconds when traveling only 55 mph, according to a VTTI study, you essentially travel the length of a football field blindfolded. Dangerous distractions behind the wheel include drinking or eating, conversing with passengers, reading or looking at maps and navigation systems, adjusting music, and personal grooming.
  • Impairment – Drugged and drunk driving have long plagued our roads and highways, and account for hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Just as with distracted driving, impaired driving is entirely preventable. It is also a highly negligent and illegal act that all motorists know increases crash risks. Do your part to avoid this risk by never driving under the influence and planning rides or using rideshare services if you do choose to partake in alcohol.
  • Speeding – Excessive speed is a key crash risk factor in preventable auto accidents. Often, many people view speeding as traveling over the posted speed limit, but similar risks can exist when driver’s travel too fast for a given situation, such as speeding in school or construction zones, during poor weather, during traffic, and when roadway conditions are poor. When you speed, you lose the ability to quickly react and avoid accidents.
  • Risky Driving – Risky driving can occur in a number of ways, some of which may constitute traffic offenses. Common examples of these dangerous driving behaviors include following too close, failing to use a turn signal, unsafe lane changes, failing to yield, and failing to check your surroundings prior to making any driving move.

Our legal team at Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. has handled cases involving negligent drivers who caused our clients harm in a number of ways. Although every case was different, they all involved drivers who engaged in unsafe behaviors that increased crash risks and highlighted their failure to uphold their legal duty. If you have questions about your rights following a preventable car accident and how our award-winning lawyers can help, contact us for a FREE consultation.


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