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$162K Settlement Secured for Mechanic Injured On-the-Job

Attorney Jesus Ravelo of Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. recently had the opportunity to represent a mechanic who was seriously injured on-the-job. We are proud to announce the case ended in a $162,500.00 settlement for our client, which will help pay for his future medical needs and indemnity. He was also provided coverage for all previous and necessary medical treatments.

Details of the Mechanic’s Workers’ Compensation Case

Our client was employed as a mechanic, which required him to regularly move heavy objects. One day, he was placing heavy equipment onto the back of a truck when he had a workplace accident that resulted in a back injury.

Initial medical treatments included an MRI. The results of the test revealed he had suffered a herniated disc in his cervical spine as a result of the accident. He was referred for cervical surgery to attempt to alleviate the worst complications caused by the herniated disc.

Despite the severity of his injuries and the fact that the accident occurred while he was at work, our client was not provided the financial assistance one would expect in such a case. Obtaining workers’ compensation from his employer’s insurance company looked to be an overwhelming challenge — until he came to Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A.

After Attorney Ravelo was assigned to the case, he got right to work at investigating the cause of the injury, its extent, and so forth. Facing the real possibility of going to court and being trounced by Attorney Ravelo’s experience, the $162,500 settlement amount was offered by the opposition. When everything is considered, this case concluded as a great success for our client that avoided any more unnecessary delays.

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