Occupations With The Highest Risk of Burn Injuries

Understanding Burn Risks On The Job

When going to work, the last thing you'll probably think about is being at risk of a burn injury. For some occupations, it's something to be aware of at all times. From food service workers to mechanics, here is a list of occupations that put workers at higher risk of sustaining a severe burn injury.

Who is at Risk of a Work-Related Burn Injury?

A workplace burn injury isn't entirely preventable, and everyone has a certain amount of risk. The following occupations are more likely to sustain a work-related burn injury since they are more frequently exposed to hazards that cause burn injuries:

If you work in any of the above occupations, your employer must provide you with the training, safety tools, and equipment you need to avoid a burn injury. By law, your employer must meet the safety standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If your burn injury was caused by a safety hazard that was not corrected, you have the right to pursue compensation. Having an experienced burn injury lawyer in your corner can help you get the justice you deserve.

Types of Burns

According to The American Burn Association's latest statistics, 8% of all admissions to burn centers between 2005 and 2014 happened because of workplace injuries. The most common types of burns that workers face are:

  • Thermal burns are caused by exposure to flame or heat and affect the body's external surfaces. For example, boiling water, cooking oil, open flames, and hot objects. Explosions can also cause a thermal burn.
  • Chemical burns are caused by exposure to caustic chemicals causing skin structure damage. For example, acids, cleaners, fertilizers, desiccants, vesicants, and corrosive chemicals.
  • Electrical burns happen when a person comes into contact with an electrical current, such as touching a live power line, falling into electrified water, and handling a light socket. This type of burn causes more subdermal damage than thermal or chemical burns.

Suffered a Burn Injury? We Can Help.

After suffering a severe burn injury, the healing process can be overwhelming. We are here to assist you. If you've sustained a burn injury after being involved in a workplace accident, our injury attorneys are here to help you through a difficult time. From recovering medical expenses to lost wages, we are here to lend you the support you need to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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