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Car & Auto Accidents Results

    • Settlement $4,650,000.00

      19-year-old student visiting Florida on spring break was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. The student suffered permanent brain injury and required extensive therapy and occupational aid. Our firm was able to locate multiple insurance policies and obtain a $4.65 million dollar settlement which helped provide enough funds to care for this young man for the rest of his life.

    • Settlement $4,100,000.00

      41-year-old male was stopped in a parking lot was struck from behind by a pharmaceutical representative. As a result of the impact, our client suffered three herniated discs. The insurance company offered only $300,000 to settle and this case proceeded to trial. Our litigation team hired expert witnesses to show the extent of our client's injuries. After a ten day trial the jury awarded our client $4.1 million.

    • Settlement $171,500.00

      50-year-old woman was driving a school bus when the defendant driving a pickup truck swerved into the lane of our client. This caused a head-on collision between the school bus and the pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck died as a result of the collision and our client suffered injuries to her back and knee. Our client had to undergo surgery in order to repair the torn cartilage in her knee. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers successfully established the severity of the crash, the extent of the injuries to our client, the surgical and psychiatric intervention needed, and the need for future medical treatment. The insurance company of the driver of the pickup eventually settled this case for $171,500.

    • Settlement $100,000.00

      49-year-old male was involved in a motorcycle accident and the insurance company argued that our client was at fault. Despite this, we were able to obtain the full policy limits of $100,000 without the need to file a lawsuit.

    • Settlement $100,000.00

      32-year-old-male was driving his automobile when the defendant made a left hand turn into the lane of our client resulting in a broadside collision. The defendant was given a citation for “failure to yield” and our client suffered a low back injury resulting in herniated discs which required medical treatment. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers were able to obtain a settlement of $100,000.00, which was the full amount of insurance available, on his behalf.

    • Settlement $100,000.00

      Automobile accident resulting in neck and back injuries. Insurance company tendered full policy limits of $100,000.

    • Settlement $100,000.00

      Client was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a fractured wrist and underwent surgery. Our personal injury attorneys were able to collect the full $100,000.00 uninsured motorist policy limits.

    • Settlement $85,000.00

      Client was a passenger in a vehicle when Defendant Driver suddenly t-boned her on the passenger door causing her to sustain injuries to her shoulder, neck and back. The case settled for $85,000.

    • Settlement $55,000.00

      46-year-old male was riding his motorcycle when a car cut him off and he slammed into the side of the car. The client sustained severe injuries including a broken right leg. After several attempted surgeries to fix his leg, doctors were forced to amputate his right leg. Unfortunately there was only limited insurance available. This firm was successful in obtaining full policy settlements from the driver and owner's bodily injury and underinsured insurance policies.

    • Settlement $45,000.00

      55 year old woman is severely injured in a car crash. The negligent driver ran a stop sign and slammed into the left side of the client’s vehicle. The client’s vehicle was pushed across the roadway, collided with roadway signs, and then smashed into trees.

      As a result of violent collision, the injured client was rushed from the accident scene to the hospital in an ambulance. The client suffered a disc herniation as well as several other spinal injuries. After months of extensive medical treatment, it was determined that she sustained a 15% permanent impairment rating to the body as a whole. The doctors further opined that back surgery was necessary to repair her spine.

      Our personal injury team of experienced lawyers settled the case for $45,000.00, at the client’s request. We were prepared to bring the case to trial; however, the client wanted to resolve the case without a trial.