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Most motorcycle accidents are the result of a negligent driver who failed to look for a motorcyclist before changing lanes or turning a corner. Motorcycles are much smaller and more difficult to spot on the roadways, which is one of many reasons why motorists must remain alert and take the necessary precautions before merging or turning. Otherwise, they could cause serious injury to an innocent motorcyclist who was traveling beside their vehicle.

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Motorcyclists Often Suffer Long-Lasting Injuries

Motorcyclists have very little protection in an accident. Even when they are wearing protective boots, pants, jackets, and helmets, there is practically nothing to cushion the impact between them, the vehicle, and the road.

Motorcyclists often suffer catastrophic injuries, such as:

These damages can have a lasting impact on the victim's life and should be compensated fully by the negligent driver responsible for the accident. Medical bills for current and ongoing treatment of serious injuries like this can cause severe financial stress or even bankruptcy without fair coverage from the liable party. Fight for the compensation you deserve with the help of an attorney from Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A.

Common Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

What Should I Do If I'm Involved in a Motorcycle Crash?

As soon as possible after the accident, take notes about who, what, when, and where your accident occurred. If there were any witnesses, you will want to obtain names and phone numbers. Retain a copy of the police report and record all information about the other driver (license plate number, insurance information, contact information, etc.). You should also keep track of all medical providers that you visited for treatment of the injuries you sustained.

How Long Do I Have to File a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

In Florida, accident victims usually have four years to file a claim. However, the time period may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, such as the plaintiff's age, the type of claim, the particular facts giving rise to the injury, and the time the injury is discovered. You must be certain that you know the deadline that applies to your case, also known as the statute of limitations, or you risk jeopardizing your right to compensation.

Who Is Responsible for My Damages?

The liable party in a motorcycle accident will be determined when the underlying cause has been established. For example, another motorist can be held liable when it can be proven that they were at fault for causing your accident and injury. Other responsible parties may include businesses that over-served alcohol to a driver, auto manufacturers that produced defective auto parts, government organizations responsible for roadway defects, and others.

What Types of Damages Can Be Awarded in My Case?

Although awards will vary from case to case, injured victims can generally recover compensation for any physical, emotional, and/or financial damages they suffered as the result of an accident. This includes pain and suffering, loss of quality or enjoyment of life, medical expenses, and lost wages, among others. In cases that involve gross acts of negligence, courts may also award victims punitive damages as a way of further punishing wrongdoers.

Will I Have to Go to Court In Order to Secure Compensation?

Not necessarily. This is the biggest misconception in personal injury cases. Many people think that you need to sue someone to get a settlement in a motorcycle accident case; however, in many cases, we are able to get a settlement without filing an actual lawsuit. A pre-trial settlement avoids the costs and delays of a trial and may result in greater net recovery. However, if the case cannot be settled on satisfactory terms, it may be necessary to go to trial.

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