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Using Your Cell Phone and Car Accidents

In Florida, it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving. Using a phone without a hands-free device distracts you from driving and increases your risk of an accident. If you get in an accident while talking on the phone or texting, you are likely to be considered responsible for the collision.

You could be held liable for an accident if you were involved in any of the following ways:

  • Holding a cell phone. When you hold a cell phone, you have only one hand on the wheel and may be considered responsible for an accident that ensues.
  • Looking at your phone. Whether you were dialing a number or checking out a call, if you have your eyes of the road you could be considered negligent and liable for the accident.
  • Employee phone use. If your employee was answering a call related to your business, you may face a lawsuit as their employer.
  • Child's phone use. You may, depending on the situation, be considered at fault for an accident if your child was on the phone at the time of an accident.

One of the easiest ways to avoid blame for an accident is to buy a wireless set for your phone or stop using it while driving. On the other hand, if you have been in a collision because of another person's carelessness you may be able to win damages for the cost of the crash, including injuries and repairs. Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys have more than 40 years of experience. We are passionate about helping our clients get the compensation they deserve, and we can handle your case. Call a lawyer from our firm today for a free consultation.