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Millions of Dollars in Compensation Recovered

We have won several verdicts reaching a few million dollars, but these should not be considered typical or serve as a legitimate expectation for your case. Large verdicts or settlements come as a result of significant injuries or damages and are entirely needed by the injured victim for their recovery. We can't promise any particular outcome in your case, but we can promise whole-hearted dedication to obtaining the maximum amount possible.
    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $4,650,000

      19-year-old student visiting Florida on spring break was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. The student suffered permanent brain injury and required extensive therapy and occupational aid. Our firm was able to locate multiple insurance policies and obtain a $4.65 million dollar settlement which helped provide enough funds to care for this young man for the rest of his life.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $4,100,000

      41-year-old male was stopped in a parking lot was struck from behind by a pharmaceutical representative. As a result of the impact, our client suffered three herniated discs. The insurance company offered only $300,000 to settle and this case proceeded to trial. Our litigation team hired expert witnesses to show the extent of our client's injuries. After a ten day trial the jury awarded our client $4.1 million.

    • Settlement - Dram Shop Liability $3,400,000

      Underage 20-year-old male was served alcohol at a local nightclub and become intoxicated. As our client attempted to leave the bar, he was struck by a car as he crossed the street. The client was hit so hard that he slipped into a coma for several months. Our car accident attorneys were able to show that the nightclub was a fault due to Florida's Dram Shop Liability law (willful serving of alcoholic beverages to underage patrons who are later injured due to the intoxication). We were able to settle for the full $1,000,000 policy limits of the bar.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $1,000,000

      Client fell out of a tree becoming paralyzed from the waist down. We were able to obtain payment of all his medical bills. He also received lost wage payments for two years. We then entered into a lump sum settlement of over $1,000,000 and the client was able to open his own tree business where he could return to the workforce as a business owner, and hire others to perform the work he could no longer do.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $600,000

      56 year old worker injured when aircraft part fell on him. After receiving medical care and lost wages for three years, the firm obtained a $600,000 lump sum settlement for the injured worker.

    • Settlement - Slip & Fall $575,000

      Our client slipped and fell on a wet floor while working. She sustained neck, left shoulder, right knee and lower back injuries. The treatment she received was conservative in nature and, while surgery was recommended, she did not undergo same. Our attorneys were able to settle the case pre-litigation for $575,000.00.

    • Settlement - Motorcycle Accidents $550,000

      Teenage client operating a motorcycle was stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, the defendant driver, not giving client enough time to move forward, drove his concrete construction truck over her. She was trapped underneath the truck with a fractured vertebrae in her back. Three surgeries resulted to repair the fractures. Case settled for $550,000.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $395,000

      38 year old male knocked from a ladder by a forklift, suffered a broken knee cap. Following the filling of a lawsuit we were able to obtain a settlement of $395,000.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $387,500
    • Settlement - Premises Liability $361,000

      Client was murdered during an attempted robbery. While the perpetrators were not caught our litigation attorneys filed a lawsuit on behalf of his family against the property owner for faulty security resulting in a $361,000 settlement.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $350,000

      A 45 year old man was injured on the job when he fell from a ladder. As a result of the accident, he sustained injuries to his head, neck, arm, and shoulder. After undergoing multiple surgical procedures and receiving over two years of lost wages, the case settled for $350,000.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $305,000

      Client’s leg was pinned against a pole during an auto accident. While the auto insurance only carried a total of $30,000 of insurance, we were able to collect an additional $275,000 from the building owner by asserting faulty design in allowing the pole to exist in a faulty location on the property.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $299,000

      53 year old client was injured at work when he was hit by a golf cart. As a result of the accident, our client was diagnosed with multiple disc bulges in his lower back. After receiving medical care and lost wages for over a year, we were able to obtain a settlement for $299,000.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $210,000

      Client was parking his car inside a storage facility where he was kidnapped, robbed, shot, and left for dead. While the individuals who committed this crime were not apprehended, we were able to make a claim against the storage facility for negligent security and received $210,000 for our client.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $190,000

      The Claimant was working as a security guard at an event when he was shot by a random assailant. The Claimant suffered an injury to his brachial plexus nerve which rendered his arm essentially paralyzed. The insurance carrier denied the claim on the basis that the Claimant was not an actual employee of their insured. After significant litigation, a settlement was reached in favor of the Claimant.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $171,500

      50-year-old woman was driving a school bus when the defendant driving a pickup truck swerved into the lane of our client. This caused a head-on collision between the school bus and the pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck died as a result of the collision and our client suffered injuries to her back and knee. Our client had to undergo surgery in order to repair the torn cartilage in her knee. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers successfully established the severity of the crash, the extent of the injuries to our client, the surgical and psychiatric intervention needed, and the need for future medical treatment. The insurance company of the driver of the pickup eventually settled this case for $171,500.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $170,000

      The firm recently settled a workers compensation case for $170,000.00 for a client who was injured when a wooden box fell on him and he suffered injuries to his head, neck, left shoulder and left hand. The injured worker was initially seen in the emergency room where within days of the accident was required to undergo surgery. The worker was required to have two vertebrae in his cervical spine fused together. Litigation ensued over the medical necessity of the cervical surgery and the industrial accident. The injured worker was also recommended for surgery to repair a torn ligament in his shoulder. However, that claim was contested due to the prior medical history of the worker as the employer claimed that was a chronic injury and not as a result of the industrial accident. The parties obtained medical opinions from their respective experts and due to the uncertainties of a trial the workers’ compensation insurance Carrier agreed to settle the claim.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $162,500

      Client who was working as a mechanic, suffered an on the job accident, while moving heavy parts on the back of truck. we have the wrong date in the system and have requested SA that we file a motion to correct. After having undergone an MRI, it was discovered he suffered a herniated disc in his cervical spine and was referred for cervical surgery. During representation, we were able to recover lost wages as well as obtained all the necessary medical treatment required for the work-related injuries. We were also successful in securing a settlement in the amount of $162,500.00 in resolution of his future medical needs and indemnity.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $130,000

      55 year old injured on the job while working as a machine technician/operator. While operating this heavy equipment, he felt a sharp pain in his upper back and neck. Client treated with neurosurgeon and pain management specialists. An MRI of cervical spine revealed herniations at C3/4 & C5/6. Client was not a surgical candidate and case was resolved for $130,000.00.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $117,500

      52-year-old woman tripped and fell on a wooden pallet that was being used as step into an elevated alley. As the client stepped onto the pallet, the pallet shifted causing our client to trip and fall. As a result of the fall, our client suffered a fractured ankle and other traumatic injuries. A lawsuit was filed against the owner of the parking lot and the owner of the building. On the eve of trial, the owners settled the case for $117,500.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $100,000

      32-year-old-male was driving his automobile when the defendant made a left hand turn into the lane of our client resulting in a broadside collision. The defendant was given a citation for “failure to yield” and our client suffered a low back injury resulting in herniated discs which required medical treatment. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers were able to obtain a settlement of $100,000.00, which was the full amount of insurance available, on his behalf.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $100,000

      49-year-old male was involved in a motorcycle accident and the insurance company argued that our client was at fault. Despite this, we were able to obtain the full policy limits of $100,000 without the need to file a lawsuit.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $100,000

      Automobile accident resulting in neck and back injuries. Insurance company tendered full policy limits of $100,000.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $100,000

      Client was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a fractured wrist and underwent surgery. Our personal injury attorneys were able to collect the full $100,000.00 uninsured motorist policy limits.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $85,000

      Client was a passenger in a vehicle when Defendant Driver suddenly t-boned her on the passenger door causing her to sustain injuries to her shoulder, neck and back. The case settled for $85,000.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $85,000

      Slip and fall accident. Shoulder Surgery. The case settled for $85,000.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $75,000

      45 year old women slips and falls in her apartment in the stairwell due to poor lighting, falling down the stairs. She sustained an injury to her knee that included an aggravation of a pre-existing condition. Case settled for $75,000.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $75,000

      54-year-old man was shopping at a local grocery store, when he slipped and fell on water that was left on the floor for an extended period of time. He suffered back and neck injuries. After the insurance company refused to offer any money to settle the case, a lawsuit was filed. Our team of experienced litigators built a strong case against the grocery store and the case settled for $75,000 immediately before trial.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $70,000

      Client working on a construction site was taking break in a portable bathroom (Porta Potty), when an individual operating a forklift driving it at an excessive rate of speed hit and knocked over the Porta Potty with the client in it. Injuries resulted to his back. A workers compensation claim paid all medical expenses and was subsequently settled, after which a third party negligence claim against the construction company settled for $70,000.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $55,000

      46-year-old male was riding his motorcycle when a car cut him off and he slammed into the side of the car. The client sustained severe injuries including a broken right leg. After several attempted surgeries to fix his leg, doctors were forced to amputate his right leg. Unfortunately there was only limited insurance available. This firm was successful in obtaining full policy settlements from the driver and owner's bodily injury and underinsured insurance policies.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation $50,000

      Mr. Angione helped an injured worker secure denied medical treatment and wage loss benefits and then later settled his case. The Claimant suffered a slip and fall accident while on the job, injuring his right knee. His case became more complex when he later suffered another injury when his right knee gave out at a later date. He suffered right knee instability due to his original right knee injury. One day, when his knee gave out, he grabbed a fence with his right arm to break his fall. As a result, he suffered an injury to his right shoulder. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier denied the casual relationship of his subsequent right shoulder injury to the original accident and also denied his wage loss benefits even though the Employer had terminated him. Mr. Angione successfully litigated his case and obtained orthopedic care for his right shoulder as well as approximately $18,000.00 in past due wage loss benefits. Later, Mr. Angione successfully secured a gross settlement of $50,000.00 on his behalf.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $50,000

      34 year old women was an invitee at a reputable motel. While sitting on a lounge chair, it broke, the injured client was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. The client suffered a torn knee ligament along with herniated discs in her neck and lower back. After several months of extensive treatment, physical therapy, pain management, it was determined that she sustained a permanent injury which would require additional surgery. Our personal injury team of experienced lawyers settled the case for $50,000.00, at the clients request. Most important, all her medical bills were paid in full.

    • Settlement - Premises Liability $46,000

      52-year-old woman slipped and fell on a greasy substance that was left on the floor at a local supermarket. The client suffered injury to her left shoulder, back, and left ankle. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers was able to obtain a $46,000 settlement for her medical bills in addition to her pain and suffering.

    • Settlement - Car & Auto Accidents $45,000

      55 year old woman is severely injured in a car crash. The negligent driver ran a stop sign and slammed into the left side of the client’s vehicle. The client’s vehicle was pushed across the roadway, collided with roadway signs, and then smashed into trees.

      As a result of violent collision, the injured client was rushed from the accident scene to the hospital in an ambulance. The client suffered a disc herniation as well as several other spinal injuries. After months of extensive medical treatment, it was determined that she sustained a 15% permanent impairment rating to the body as a whole. The doctors further opined that back surgery was necessary to repair her spine.

      Our personal injury team of experienced lawyers settled the case for $45,000.00, at the client’s request. We were prepared to bring the case to trial; however, the client wanted to resolve the case without a trial.

    • Settlement - Worker's Compensation

      Our client, a 69 year old women was injured on the job. The employer's insurance carrier wrongfully referred her to an unlicensed pediatrician. Our attorney took the case to trial, where Judge ruled in favor of our client. The ruling resulted in the client being able to choose a proper occupational medicine specialist. The specialist has since referred client out for more serious and medically necessary diagnostic treatment all related back to the workplace injury.