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Electric Scooter Accidents

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Electric scooters are gaining in popularity across the country. However, the more electric scooters that appear on sidewalks, streets, and paseos, the more likely there will be an electric scooter accident. There are already many reports from users of rentable electric scooters, like Bird and Lime, who have suffered serious injuries due to or while riding an electric scooter.

At Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A., our personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale believe in providing clients with unwavering and reliable legal representation after being in any sort of accident that was not their fault, electric scooter accidents included. You can come to our law firm if you were riding an electric scooter and suffered an injury, or if you were hurt by an electric scooter rider. With 240+ years of total legal experience, you can be confident that your case is in good hands.

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Causes of Electric Scooter Accidents

Why is it that electric scooters seem to be so dangerous? What is the most common cause of electric scooter accidents? Questions like these are what helps our injury attorneys understand and pinpoint liability in our client’s claims. By digging deep into the issues and becoming the trusted source for case knowledge, we prepare our clients for success, whether we can negotiate a settlement or need to litigate for a jury award.

We have found there to be three main causes of electric scooter accidents, which your case may involve:

  • Rider negligence: If you were hurt by someone riding an electric scooter, it is likely they did not know how to safely control their transportation device. Liability for the accident must be placed on them, as it is their responsibility to know how to use the product before riding it in public.
  • Driver recklessness: There have been many stories of electric scooter riders being struck by negligent or reckless motorists. People are not used to seeing electric scooters in crosswalks and on sidewalks, and so they might not actually acknowledge their presence at all until it is too late and they strike them. Unfamiliarity is not an excuse, though.
  • Product defect: Electric scooters are also not known for their dependability. Ridesharing electric scooters are especially hazardous, as they are used day in and day out by numerous people who do not know about or how to report possible defects or damage. The result can be trying to ride an electric scooter with a hidden defect that ultimately causes an accident.

Your Trusted Team for Personal Injury Claims in Florida

The last thing you probably want to do after being in an electric scooter accident is try to sort through legalese to file a claim and protect it from the protests of the defendant. Stay focused on your own relaxation by allowing our Fort Lauderdale electric scooter accident attorneys manage your claim. We take our role as legal champions for the wrongfully injured seriously, and you will notice our dedication in everything we do.

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