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What Are the Statutes of Limitations on Personal Injury Claims in Florida?

The statute of limitations places a hard deadline to how much time a plaintiff can file a claim or bring forth a lawsuit after an injury. In Florida, the statute of limitations for a personal injury case is four years. When someone else’s negligence has caused an accident, the law affords that person or group the right to seek compensation.

As Ft. Lauderdale personal injury lawyers, we at Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. have seen cases run a broad range—from auto accidents to on-the-job injuries. We have obtained many successes for our clients, and we can guide you through all of the steps necessary to settle your personal injury claim.

Should I Hire an Attorney after an Accident?

A lawyer will begin an immediate investigation to determine what caused the incident, evaluate the potential value of your claim, and begin negotiating with insurance companies or opposing attorneys on a settlement.

The statute of limitations is one of the largest reasons we urge people to retain an attorney. The clock begins running based on the date that the accident occurred. Most insurance companies and defense lawyers will want to avoid a trial at all costs. They will attempt to try and settle the case quickly. This first offer, unfortunately, is usually low and often insufficient to adequately cover all of the injuries and damages. This is another reason why having an attorney can be advantageous—as they will argue for a fair settlement.

If an agreement cannot be reached, then it may become necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit, which must be filed before the statute of limitations runs out. Otherwise, if you do not file within the time limit, the judge can throw the case out without ever hearing a single word or argument in the case.

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The bottom line: there is no time to waste if you have been injured. You do have the right to take legal action and protect yourself or your family. We urge you to contact our Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorneys as soon as possible to get the support that you need.

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