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Hit-and Run-Accidents: How Florida is Taking Action

Understanding the Impact of Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit and run crashes rose by 18% in 2020. In the interest of public safety, the State of Florida has taken action and launched a “Stay at the Scene” campaign back in February 2021. The campaign aims to educate drivers on what to do when they have been involved in a hit-and-run crash.

What are the Laws Around Accidents?

In Florida, if a driver is involved in a crash, they are required to immediately stop at the scene if there is any property damage, injuries, or deaths. The driver must remain at the scene and provide assistance in any way they can.

Statistically, 85% of hit-and-runs occur at dawn, dusk, or night. More than half of all hit-and-run deaths were cyclists or pedestrians. This is also why it’s important to wear reflective clothing or accessories so drivers can more easily spot you.

What are the Penalties for a Hit and Run?

Leaving the scene of an accident can land someone in hot water. Here are the penalties:

For property damage:

  • Charged with a second-degree misdemeanor and face up to 60 days in prison as well as a $500 fine.

For bodily injuries:

  • Charged with a second- or third-degree felony.
  • License is revoked for at least three years.
  • Up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

For fatalities:

  • Charged with a first-degree felony.
  • License is revoked for at least three years.
  • A mandatory minimum sentence of 4 to 30 years in prison.
  • $10,000 fine.

What You Should Do If You’re Involved in a Hit-and-Run Crash?

Through the “Stay at the Scene” campaign, Florida has been able to educate drivers about the proper protocols to take when involved in an accident. Not only are these steps the right thing to do, but they are also the law:

  • First, make sure you are ok and unharmed.
  • Move to a safer place such as the side of the road.
  • Check on others involved and call 911.
  • Gather information such as license, insurance, and tags as well as photographs of the scene.
  • The most essential thing is to stay on the scene. It is not only illegal to flee, but it could cost lives.

Injured in a Hit-and-Run Crash? We Are Here For You.

Sustaining an injury after being involved in a motor vehicle crash after someone carelessly leaves the scene of an accident is a devastating and frustrating scenario. When you aren’t sure where to turn for help, it can be even more challenging. Know that you can find the support you need and we are here for you. Our caring personal injury attorneys are ready to guide you every step of the way. We have helped countless Floridians seek justice after being involved in a hit-and-run accident and receive the compensation they deserve. We want to do the same for you.

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