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What is Lost Wage Salary?

Medical bills can be scary when you are injured at work, but the loss of your pay if you are unable to work can be even more devastating. You may be unable to provide your own care without income from your job. In most cases, injured workers are able to utilize the state's workers' compensation system to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other needs.

The system does not always work, however, and can be fraught with problems and bureaucracy. In such a case, you should consult with one of our Ft. Lauderdale workers' compensation attorneys to obtain the lost wages you need.

You are entitled by state law to 80% of your lost wages if you have missed 7 consecutive days of work due to your injury. While employees are provided for by statute, they can still run into problems when employers and insurers dispute your injury and try to limit payment amounts. This is also where a workers' compensation attorney can help protect your interests.

May want to look at:

An attorney can work to help you obtain any of the following types of benefits:

  • Temporary total disability—if a Physician determines you cannot work due to a work-related injury, you can recover 2/3rds of your regular wages.
  • Temporary partial disability—when a Physician approves a return to work after an injury but with restriction, they can receive up to 80% of the wages earned during the time of the accident
  • Impairment benefits—a Doctor can clear an injured employee for work but states that they may have permanent work restrictions and can receive pay based on their level of impairment
  • Permanent total disability—when even sedentary employment is not possible due to an injury and 2/3rds of the regular weekly wages can be paid
  • Rehabilitation—an injured worker who is able to work but not to return to their job can be retrained or rehabilitated by the employer, insurance provider, and other entities

Recovering lost wages after an accident can be complicated business and you need an experienced Ft. Lauderdale personal injury lawyer to walk you through the maze of regulation and bureaucracy. Call Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. to begin work on recovering lost wages!