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Common Workplace Injuries

Unfortunately, millions of employees will be hurt each year on the job and as many as a dozen are fatally hurt on worksites every day. These accidents can happen to anyone, so being aware of the usual culprits can go a long way towards keeping yourself safe.

Machinery entanglement—when workers become somehow entangled in machinery at a factory or workplace due to loose clothing, long hair, or shoelaces become caught they may become seriously harmed. Taking the time to ensure nothing is available to become caught in a machine is always worthwhile.

Falling objects—heavy objects can be dropped by other employees, from shelves, or from scaffolding on a construction site. This can cause concussions and other head injuries for the victim. Ensuring items are secure when placed on shelves and wearing hard hats on construction sites is vitally important.

Repetitive motion—any repeat performance of certain motions such as typing all day or using your arms to turn a knob. While most employees perform such routine tasks multiple times a day without giving them much though, they can lead to serious injuries such as torn muscles, damages tissues, carpal tunnel syndrome or other maladies.

Falls—workplaces where the threat of falling is present are required to post warning signs for employees. Workers can become seriously, sometimes fatally, hurt falling from roofs, stairways, and ladders on the job causing broken bones, concussions, and other injuries.

Slip & trip—water and other liquids can create an unsafe environment causing employees to fall. Other hazards such as uneven carpeting or wires should be made to be flush with the floors as much as possible or hidden behind furniture.

Overexertion—any excessive lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, or throwing of things while at work. Not limiting yourself in the process of performing these tasks can be the cause of serious harm to the muscles. Many worksites have limits as to how much weight an employee should be moving at one time or offer protective gear such as back braces.

If you are injured on the job, you may have recourse to a workers’ compensation or workplace injury suit. Speak with our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers to learn more about your rights.