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Providing Notice of Injury to Employers

Most workers’ compensation cases require employees to immediately notify their employer of an injury. Unfortunately, this is an issue that crops up more often than not. As the injured employee, it is your responsibility to notify your employer and also provide proof that an injury took place. When an employee fails to provide this notice, the employer can use this to contest the validity of the claims, and thus, jeopardize the employee’s chances of collecting full compensation.

Why Employers Need Notice of Injury

For obvious reason, employers should be aware of an injury that occurred on premises or while the employee was working. Otherwise, they will have no idea of the incident. The employee can also miss out during the claims process; they may not be given compensation to the full extent of their injuries or be able to take advantage of additional benefits. Of course, every employer handles every workers’ compensation case differently, so as Ft. Lauderdale workers’ comp attorneys, we advise that you familiarize yourself first with your employer’s particular requirements to learn more about employee expectations.

What About Delayed Injury Symptoms?

Some injuries—repetitive stress injuries, as an example—occur gradually as a result of making repetitive motions or working in a particular position for an extended duration of time. Or, perhaps the symptoms do not show after an accident. Alternatively, the worker might not have sought medical treatment because they believed their symptoms were minor.

Florida laws make it quite difficult to afford employees the rights that they need, as the laws can be incredibly restrictive. For example, employees are given only a limited amount of time to collect workers’ comp payments for a set period of time. The reason to encourage the employee to rehabilitate and return to work as quickly as possible, which is neither fair nor justified.

This illustrates one of the many reasons we believe it is critical to notify your employer as soon as an accident occurs, no matter how minor you believe your injuries to be.

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