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I Was Hit by a Student Driver. Now What?

Most of us have a tendency to avoid student drivers on the road because we’re unsure of their skill level. But what happens if one of these student drivers does hit your vehicle? Who would be responsible for damages?

Our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys discuss the parties that may be held liable in this situation.

Liability in a Student Driver Accident

If the student driver was at-fault in the accident, several parties may be held liable for damages. These include the following:

  • The student driver, if their reckless driving directly caused the accident.

  • The instructor, if their careless supervision led to the accident.

  • The driving school, if they hired negligent supervisors or failed to maintain their vehicles.

Recovering Compensation

The party from which you recover compensation depends on the party found liable for the accident.

If the driving school or their instructor was found liable for the crash, you would likely recover damages from them and their insurance company. If the student driver directly caused the crash, you would recover damages from their (or their parents’, if they’re young) insurance company.

We can help you sort through these nuances in this more unique area of law. If you have been involved in a student driver accident, contact Rosenberg & Rosenberg today at (888) 499-6206 to schedule a free consultation.