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Taking Pictures for Your Car Accident Claim

Car accidents are incredibly overwhelming and chaotic experiences for all involved. Following the trauma and stress of a car accident, you may not be thinking as clearly as you would be otherwise. It is completely natural to be completely disoriented after a collision, especially if you have been injured. You may be concerned about getting home as soon as possible and leaving your accident behind, but it is vital you don’t rush the post-accident process of documenting photographic evidence, which may be incredible useful to you later.

The following are important elements to document after a car accident:

  • Any property damages including your car, the other cars involved, objects, buildings, signs, skid marks, debris, or other relevant evidence.
  • Your injuries as soon as possible as well as any follow up photos days after.
  • Nearby traffic signs and their visibility, which may provide context or clues to how or why the accident occurred.
  • Surrounding scenery should also be documented.
  • The people involved in the accident, police officers who arrived upon the scene, and witnesses are important parts of your case and should be photographed if possible.
  • Remember, take more photos than you believe you may need and make sure your time and date stamps are accurate!

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